3065345_orig.jpgAs I look at my grown children I can’t help but thank God for the work He’s done in them.  As I shared yesterday with two of the three, it was a blessing to look at what they’ve become;  successful in their work, self-sufficient, responsible, considerate and I could go on forever.

I often look at these “children” and wonder how they got to be that way.  My effort in child raising was so touch and go – so filled with the unknown and how to handle it – so much flailing around and attempting to do my best, but knowing I was falling short most of the time.  I was so busy struggling to find my own identity that I often forgot what their needs were.  To be honest, parenting is often like this.  We try our best, without always knowing if it’s the right way to do it.  We trust that God will help us in the endeavor, because we can’t do it alone.  Having a God centered husband really helps too.

Of course it’s not an easy road.  No one ever said it would be.  You teach them from little on how to tie their shoes, how to eat properly, what to wear, make the right choices, but what about the important things – like getting along with others, dealing with anger, being respectful, not being tempted into doing things that will eventually hurt them.  That’s serious stuff that we often just pray will be absorbed into their minds.  We try to teach by example, but often fall short.

So as I looked at these responsible, caring, wonderful adults, I was amazed at who they have become.  I know that I was an amateur at this business of child raising, but my God wasn’t.  He knew just what they needed and He was with them through their lives.  Knowing that made my job a real blessing.



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  1. Kathy, you shared our story as well. I only have two regrets in my life: I did not have the opportunity to serve my country in the armed forces and I wasn’t there enough for my three children in their formative years. I was too busy going to school (college) myself and earning a living. Fortunately, my wife was essentially a stay at home mom until the youngest was 5 or 6 and all three turned out just fine.

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    • I was blessed to be a stay at home mom too. Financially it was the pits, but so worth it. We have some great memories from those early childhood years. Thanks for commenting.

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