I Am The Fountain of Living Waters


Isaiah 55 VOICE   Eternal One  If you are thirsty  come   Bible Gateway.png

Father, in the Name of Jesus, and robed in a garment of humility, we approach Your holy throne under the covering of the precious blood of Your Son with full confidence and assurance that You will hear the cries of our hearts.

Father, we thank You, for You are the God of Peace who desires to have a love relationship with Your creation whom You fashioned and designed as unique individuals who are made in Your image and likeness.

Father, we thank You, for Your multiplied mercy, peace and grace which You extend unto us. Father, if it wasn’t for Your Spirit breath that goes before us, we would not be to live or move or have our being without You.

Father, we thank You, that during both the good and difficult times, You are always there with us. You breath for us, Your heart beats for us, and as a deer that thirsts for water, help us to hunger and thirst for the Fountain of Living waters whereby we will never thirst or hunger again.

Father, thank You, for not giving up on us, and Father, help us to feel Your heart for souls who are lost and dying in a dark in weary land, so that they too may come to drink from the rivers of life, so that they can be refreshed and cleansed for Your glory, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.


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