I’m going to tell you about love.  Not the romantic love this world is so consumed with or the erotic love that humanity seems to thrive on, but true – honest – pure – selfless love.  There is someone who know knows more about this condition than any human being walking  the face of the earth.

He wants us to know this kind of love too.  In fact He chose to live through the same struggles we face every day – to suffer beyond our limits – to submit to humiliation and shame.  When He came to earth in human flesh, He was doing so out of love.  When He calmed the seas during a terrible storm, He was also calming the hearts of His followers.  When He provided food for thousands, He was showing compassion for the hungry.  When He healed the sick and troubled He did so out of consideration for their physical as well as spiritual welfare.  His love is like nothing we’ve ever experienced nor will we ever know on this side of eternity.

He didn’t have to save us in this way.  He could have simply said, “Your sin is forgiven,” but He chose to walk in our shoes – to experience the things we do every day – to share in our sorrows – to rejoice with us in our successes – to laugh with us in times of joy – to be our brother.A

I don’t know why He chose to forgive me in this unusual way.  I don’t know why He chose to forgive me at all. I don’t deserve His love. I have done nothing to merit it, but still His love is beyond anything I’ve ever known.  He’s God


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