A wrinkled little body, writhing and screaming as it inhales its first breath –

Skin begins to fill with life and becomes smooth to the touch,

That same helpless infant begins to explore – to search – to learn.

Each day brings challenges – excitement – newness.

The freshness of life – like the budding trees in spring – renewed, refreshed, alive.

Years go by and the no longer helpless body is now strong and fit.

It faces danger – fears – hopes and dreams with gusto – with no hesitation and often little thought.

The strength and ability to accomplish has been crafted into this creation.

Later days – the smoothness of the skin becomes transparent and spotted.

Fingers become crippled and deformed.

Each bump easily produces a bruise.

The inhalation of air can be difficult.

No longer pliable or elastic – the limp skin clings to less mass and more bone.

The body once more becomes wrinkled and stretched beyond its limits.

The mind – once filled with enough information to fill the largest computer – now forgetful, lost, fading.  Decisions once easy to make must be made by others.

The life cycle comes to an end.  We start out wrinkled and screaming and often leave this world in the same way.  It’s what happens in between that matters.



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