When winter’s final grip releases her icy hold on us, it’s such a relief. Our spirits soar, our coats come off, mittens are hidden in the recesses of the closet not to be donned for at least a few months. We breathe in fresh air instead of the stale, musty, dusty stuff that has permeated every inch of our homes.

Curtains open, sun bathes each room with warmth and comfort. Windows may be cracked an inch or two simply to wash away the smells of the past duration. Memories of blooming gardens seep into our minds.  Dreams of getting started on early planting stir the imagination.

Interesting remnants of the long season pop up everywhere – the snake of a hose that never got rolled up in time for the first snow –  the remains of withered weeds and overgrowth of un-mowed grass – the adirondack chairs which had become another level for snow to build upon, in need of a new coat of paint – not to mention the mountain of scat beneath the surface.

Ah, spring! It arouses all the senses and sends them into hyperventilation and a serious asthma episode.


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