Where does one begin when it’s time to downsize? When you look at an accumulated lifetime it can seem more than overwhelming. We wonder what to hang onto and what to dispose of and almost always find a reason to hang on.

It’s not easy to let go of objects that hold special memories or to toss aside things you’ve worked hard to obtain, but the truth is we can’t take anything with us to the other side of eternity. So where do we start?
Maybe it’s best to go through one area at a time and begin with baby steps. We aren’t going to be able to do it all at once. After all, this mess didn’t occur overnight.
It’s a good thing God looks beyond all the sins of our past, present and future and sees only the perfection of His Son. There are no messes to clean up, no regrets, no tears to wipe away – only forgiveness and a new beginning. The things of this world mean nothing. The love of God is everything.


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  1. I’ve never thought of myself as a pack rat, but after 50+ years of marriage, I have to confess that I am. The only time we have seriously ‘cleaned house’ is when we have moved. In our last move across country, we cleaned out tons of stuff. I rented a bin from a local paper shredding vendor and an industrial size trash bin from our garbage hauler (had to have them empty it twice) before calling the moving van. Now, five years later we could do it all over again.


    • I can totally relate. We’re in the process of doing just that. We’ve lived in our house for 24 years and have accumulated so much during that time. My husband had an art studio in a different space and we had to move him into our house as well when the economy forced him out of that space. We both still work even though we’ve been retired for 10 years and need almost all the stuff we have to do our work. It’s not going to be easy! Nice to know it can be done though.

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      • Be careful, we did regret getting rid of some stuff that later we could have used.

        Now, before we get rid of stuff, we ask the kids if they want it now instead of when we pass. My wife has done that with a lot of her jewelry.

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        • This is one of the struggles we have. We haven’t yet found another place to live, but we are taking into consideration what we will keep dependent on where that may be. We’d like to go into another house instead of a condo or town home. The house we have now is really too expensive and difficult for us to keep up. Thanks for the advice.

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