Originally posted on 3/05/15 by Kathy Boecher


When a child open’s his eyes for the first time and really looks into yours, the connection begins.  As they grow, their lives continue to have an impact on us.  We remember the details of the every day stuff – the funny things they said or did – the new adventures they explored.  We tuck those memories into our minds and hearts and hang on to them forever. As they mature our lives change right along with theirs.  Pride swells – we rejoice in their conquests – delight in their growth – cringe when they make the wrong choices – hope they will learn from their mistakes.

We aren’t told much about Jesus life before He began His ministry.  More emphasis is placed on the important moments – like His amazing birth, the angelic hosts that reached the shepherds, the band of Magi from the East, being about His stepdad’s profession – His visit to the temple at age 12 to do His real dad’s work – His 3 year ministry and His death, resurrection and ascension into Heaven.

Curiosity often gets the best of me as a writer and I want to know more details, but I think that all the important information is written about his early life in Luke 2:52.  We are told that He grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with all people.  That is really all we need to know about this God/Man/King who came to save the world.

From the day of His conception, Jesus was destined to do one thing and He did it without complaint.  He was born as a human being, but was God.  He grew up like any other young man, with a voice that changed – human emotion – a body that ached, grew tired and got hungry – but He never gave way to sin.  He followed God’s commands perfectly.  He went willingly through great suffering and death because He knew it was the only way to get the job done.

He was the unblemished lamb required to take away the sin of the world.  That’s really all we need to know about Him.  What greater love is this?


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