Originally posted by atimetoshare.me on February 27, 2015

Our house is situated on a hill.  During the winter months, the lack of foliage clears the way to a fabulous view of the city.  Its beauty is sometimes hidden by dark smoke rising from industrial areas, the container filled railroads and the big broken down warehouses.  Much of the ugliness is hidden by the darkness of night and often replaced with twinkling, colorful lights across the cityscape.  It puts a different perspective on things when there’s light – real or synthetic.

Jesus wants us to shine too.  That light should be seen all the time.  It’s the reflection of a much greater light that should  bounce off  us and bring light others.

We live in a world of darkness.  There are times when we feel helpless or hopeless and it doesn’t seem we will ever see the light again.  God gave us His Only begotten so that  through Him, we can radiate like the twinkling lights that dot the city.  We can be a beacon in the darkness, helping someone find their way back to a hope filled life.  We can be a blaring searchlight or a tiny glint, but even in a glimmer, there’s light.

We depend on God to bring us forgiveness so let’s also rely on the fact that it’s available to others.  Even the darkest fears, the loneliest moments, the frightening problems and the most evil of humanity can be made bright again through the light of the world.  When we reflect Jesus’ light, we just might lead someone to Him.

What started as an ember which seemed to be snuffed out,
Was quickly revived by the breath of God.
He whispered His true amazing grace to those who would believe.
His Spirit fanned the dying light and inspired it with faith.
The dwindling glow renewed once more, turned into a raging fire.
The fire spread across the globe, invading time and space.
It wouldn’t be diminished by the screams of those who believed it didn’t exist.
Even though the evidence was right there in their face.
Some days it seems the light of the world has lost Its luster,
But all it takes is one simple ember, with the breath of God inspired,
To reignite the world and show the way to the truth everlasting.



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  1. Beautiful thoughts…Steve


  2. I likke it when folks come together annd share opinions. Great blog, keep it


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