Growing together in God

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your compassion.  Thank you for forgiveness and thank you for your redeeming love.  You are everything I ever needed!  Thank you for giving me understanding of who you are and for showing me how special I am to you.  I pray over my marriage.  I pray that I would be able to show my wife how special she is to me and that she would do the same for me.  I pray that we experience a deeper love in our marriage like we never have before.  I pray that you continue to refine us, transforming our character to align with yours.  We surrender to you!  May your grace sweep over us and may we be a light to other marriages, a beacon of hope!  I pray that my wife and I will continue to grow together in you O Lord. Drench us with your love, your joy, your hope, your strength, and your faithfulness.

In Jesus’ name, AMEN!


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  1. I love this prayer – one which should be spoken by all married couples. If we ask for God’s blessings on our marriages He will surely answer!

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  2. I love these Monday prayers for one’s marriage.

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