Originally posted on 2/28/15 atimetoshare.me by Kathy Boecher

There is a holiday for every day of the year.  In fact many days have more than one celebration.  Today is February 28, the last day of this month – usually. This year we’re blessed with one more day.  Even so, February has been shortchanged.  So it shouldn’t really surprise me that today is also International Sword Swallower’s Day.

This isn’t an occupation for everyone.  In fact I can’t claim that I know anyone who trains to be a sword swallower.  Where would you go to train anyway?  Maybe some cut throat college?.  Imagine the jokes people would throw at you.  The competition wouldn’t be that bad though.  How many of these guys are out there?  Of course there isn’t much call for sword swallowers these days.  You could say that the need for them has been cut drastically.  In fact, swords have been replaced by more sophisticated weapons.  I sure would hate to see someone try to swallow one of them.

The other event celebrated on February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day.  My personal tooth fairy has undoubtedly gone into early retirement, because there’s no need for her anymore.  Besides, in my day, teeth reaped only a quarter a piece.

It’s kind of funny that both these events would fall on the same day.  Of course I suppose if you swallowed enough swords it could lead to tooth loss.  It could also lead to many other maladies.  Maybe that’s why February 28 is also Rare Disease Day.  If that’s not enough, February 28 has also been designated as Sleeping in Public Day.  If you happen to get really fed up with all this nonsense, go take a nap in the Public Library.

Have a great February 28th and remember, tomorrow is a bonus.


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  1. When I was nine my tooth fairy brought me a Less Than Jake CD. For reference they’re a somewhat inappropriate (for a nine year old at least) punk rock band. I got tickets to see them for my tenth birthday… because my Daddy is a bad influence.



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