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We like to hear stories about finding  treasure.  Some of the greatest books are based on the search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It’s nice to imagine ourselves in a better place with no worries or problems.

Maybe you discover an antique piece of jewelry left behind by grandma and think this is the answer to all your financial problems.  It could be that old book discovered at a garage sale or an unknown trinket at a flea market.  Maybe your treasure lies right within your reach and you don’t even know it.  I’ve experienced wealth and next to nothing and each side holds its own problems.

If you own a Bible, you have a treasure that cannot be measured by human standards.  It has advice on every situation you’ll ever face.  You’ll learn about marriage and family – financial decisions – how to plan for the future – how to find success and confidence – how to overcome depression – what kind of spouse to look for – what to do when it seems there’s no hope – how to trust, live, relate to others,  overcome fear and that’s just the beginning.

Treasures of this world are only temporary.  Soon they run out and we have to find another way to live.  With the Bible, you can be assured that the advice, wisdom, knowledge and treasure within its pages never runs out.  It lasts for an eternity.

You give a priceless treasure – a gift with love unmeasured.

It spans the days of time and gives with love sublime.

You walk within its pages.  You travel still through ages.

Your passion lies therein, how you have wiped out sin.

Your love cannot be hidden – each page shows how you’ve given

Your greatest gift to me.  Your Word will set me free.


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  1. Next to salvation itself, what geater treasure could we possibly have than access to God’s word,to his children?!!!

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