Originally posted 2/23/15 on atimetoshare.me by Kathy Boecher

My life so far has been a great opportunity for me to grow closer to God. I consider it my time of grace. God has been patient with me. He knew before I did that I would have moments of doubt, times of worry and fear, feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. He waited.

He knew that I needed to figure things out, but He didn’t rush me or force me into formulating what I believe, He knew the mistakes I made, the foolish choices, the worldly ideas that started to infiltrate my mind and still He waited.

Sometimes, in our zeal to bring others to faith, we push too hard. We let our own thoughts over power the work that God has no problem doing. What we should do is plant the seed and allow God to nurture it and bring in the harvest. We need to be patient and wait for results, just like He is with us.

One of the best things we can do while living is to trust that God has already laid out a plan for us. With Him beside us, we can make a difference. We may never see the results in our lifetime, but the impression we make while living will go on through future generations. The things we do to glorify Him, how we treat others, our encouragement, words and actions will not go unnoticed.

Encouragement Is like oxygen. By giving it we are allowing others to breathe.


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