Sometimes I wonder why I do this blogging stuff.  Is it really what I originally intended it to be some 2 years ago?  I’ve been a writer since I was in 8th grade, where I got my first rejection by my then teacher, who felt my 3 act musical play complete with a cast of thousands, would be impossible to produce.

I was about 13 years old at the time and his comment crushed me like a hammer and it was some time before I began to write again.  I made up fantastical stories, mysteries, humorous – I ran the whole gamut of genre. I felt fulfilled because I was able to express myself through my writing much better than I could by actually communicating with people.  That was way out of my comfort zone.

Over the past 35 years I’ve been writing and adapting stories for stage productions out of necessity.  As a drama director in a Christian environment, I found it difficult to find material for kids that was suitable or ethical or untarnished enough.  So I wrote my own stuff.  It was fun to see my plays come to life and laughter coming from the audience.  It was akin to giving birth with the pains of writing and the final outcome being such a blessing.

Publishing my memoir was an agonizing experience, because it forced me to bring up the  past in a very intimate way and tore at my heartstrings many times during the process.  I had to put it away for almost ten years before I could complete the manuscript.  Some say writing about past events is cathartic.  Most of the time I try to shovel those bad memories in the darkest part of my brain to be forgotten eternally.

In my short blogging experience, I’ve made some solid friendships, learned that we aren’t nearly as far apart as I thought from a doctrinal perspective and have enjoyed having response to my posts.

When I started this, however, I was determined to use my writing to tell others the sweet message of the Gospel.  At times I find myself preaching to the choir (which by the way is necessary at times.)  So often I look at the stats and wonder why some days are more successful than others and my old Adam gets in the way of what I had originally intended.

Writing a blog should be an expression of yourself, your beliefs, your thoughts, your frustrations – all of that is a release in a way, but I want it to be much more than an extension of myself.  When we write for Jesus, let’s remember that we aren’t doing it to gain popularity or status.  We’re doing it because He commands us to spread His Word throughout the world.  If just one person is reached, the Spirit of God was in the work and His will is being done.

What are your feelings on the blogging experience?



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  1. It’s been interesting. I write because I have something to say. Whether or not someone reads it is another story. I can’t force people to read what I write, but at the same time I hope that my words inspire just one person. If they do, then maybe that’s the point. To write to educate people — one person at a time.

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    • I often feel unqualified because I’m not a scholar. All I know is that Jesus died to erase my guilt. He rose again on the third day to show that He had conquered death and He ascended into heaven to prepare a place for all who put their trust in Him and follow His example. It’s also important to me that our line of communication with Him is readily available through His written word, the Bible. The minute we stray from its truth, we are setting ourselves up for the devil to move in. Thanks for commenting. I love that comment about helping others one person at a time. It’s really the Spirit that does the work. We merely plant the seeds.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of which I can empathize & share in your perspective. Your last sentence has been the anchor for my continuance with the blog I moderate here. When I’m feeling discouraged or doubt my effectiveness & usefulness in posting I’m reminded of the reasons I blog:

    To honor & glorify The Lord
    To reach the lost with the gospel
    To warn, encourage & edify other believers
    To be a vessel of blessing to others

    If I can accomplish these to just one person then the effort is not in vain.


  3. Sometimes we don’t realise just how far things are going.
    I used to love to give out gospel tracts and talk to folks about Jesus (still do sometimes) but I became very discouraged that I wasn’t accomplishing much.
    A dear friend of mine prayed God would send me some encouragement. Amazingly within a week or so she met several people I’d talked to. To me it seemed we’d just shared a few words, nothing special, but they told her how it had been a totally life changing experience for them drawing them into a much closer more personal relationship with Jesus. I could hardly believe my ears.
    I learnt a lesson that we just can’t tell what God is doing behind the scenes, we just have to keep loving and giving out the words He gives us. I feel the same about blogging. As a fellow Christian I find your posts inspiring and thought provoking, they must be far more so to the hungry soul who has yet the find Jesus’s love. So often the fruits are unknown to us.

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    • Thank you Claire. This is one of the reasons I continue with my blog. E sometimes don’t see results for year and years but what a blessing to know that our words may have made a difference for someone. Thanks for your comment!

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  4. I write so that I can share with others the things the Lord lays on my heart. I sometimes feel that I’m not making a difference but then I realize just how much the denominational gaps are being bridged. I’m learning that true Bible believing Christian’s have more in common than we realize no matter what our church preference.

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  5. I’ve been blogging for a very long time now. Sometimes, I feel the Spirit compelling me to write other times, I write from myself and still point to Christ. I’ve done a lot of straight informational writing, written for survivors of child abuse, written expositional pieces on the Bible, I’ve even tried politics a little. I’m am loving creative writing even though the search engines don’t love it as much. Yesterday, I was asked to contribute to the Cryoglobulinemia Alliance website. I write because I’m a thinker, a dreamer, and I care. God has used my writing to reach into the hearts and minds of many people over the years. I have a lot of words to be held accountable for. I don’t know where all those words have gone or the kind of fruit they’ve born. Some, I wish I could take back but still, I’m compelled to write. I guess I blog because God made me a writer and I hope my work honors Him and furthers His work in some way. I am human and I like to see the graph rise but in the end, I’d rather make a meaningful impact on a few than entertain the masses. I like anonymity. I hope my work causes people to consider Jesus more than think about me.

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  6. I have met some wonderful people also! And what a gas that even if we never see each other here, over THERE we will! Also, the internet needs Jesus, the church needs to be a very “present presence”. Thanks for what you do.

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  7. I have blogged off and on for probably 10 years. Writing has always been a passion, but it is something that has come back to the forefront of my life since I no longer pastor a church. At that time, I spoke. Now I write. The passion still burns within me to encourage and inspire, so I began to blog again after I resigned my last church position. I find it personally fulfilling as I live out my passion and watch God bless others through it.

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  8. Amen! Great encouragement! Sometime we get wrapped up in the “numbers” and statistics. But if one person is reached (maybe even that one person being yourself) – Mission Accomplished! God laid on my heart a long time ago to be an encouragement to others in the faith. That’s my perspective when I write: how can I be a blessing to others who need a “God boost” today? I teach for a secular company. I am extremely limited on what I can and cannot say in a classroom environment. But I consider myself a “stealth recruiter” and always speckle the gospel into my lectures. One of my subjects I teach is leadership and wasn’t Jesus the greatest leader after all?? ☺️ My ultimate goal in writing (and stealth recruiting teaching) is that the receiver is encouraged, learns something new, and instinctively drawn closer to God! Thanks for always writing something that’s both good for the soul and healthy conviction for the heart!

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    • I love that! I think that my walk in life has been to be an encourager as well. I struggled with my self confidence as a young woman, because I didn’t understand what fearing God was. I thought I was supposed to be afraid of him while growing up. When I finally realized that He loves me and wants me to succeed, everything changed. Now I can tell others how they can change too. Thank you for joining the conversation. I always learn from you.

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  9. I often find my blogging is nothing more than results of my own reading and study. It’s really like I just write down what I would have written just making notes. Sometimes I dabble in actual “writing,” but for the most part I don’t think of it that way.

    And also, I am not a pastor, nor does it seem God has plans to call me to preach. On the other hand, this does let me do that!

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