Originally posted on 2/8/15 by Kathy Boecher

The sky glows with brightest reds tonight.
They soon will dissipate – clear out of sight.
The brilliant colors once shone brightly
Are now replaced with dark unsightly.
A black intensely hovers over and
Dips into oblivion ever.
Blessed peace has flown away,
Erased by nights lone dismal grey.
It crushes mind and faith and spirit.
It covers all the sins that fear it.
Just when it seems that all is lost
A new day dawns amidst the frost.
The crystal glow, the diamond cloak
Spreads over fields of pine and oak.
The sun begins to kiss the earth
With love it gives new life and birth.
The Son has risen now to save –
To move us from death’s ugly grave.
With love He’s given life to me.
A life of light to set me free.

Kathy Boecher©


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