God is Not Your Lab Rat

Chaplain + Entrepreneur = Chaplapreneur

So I stopped by one of my favorite Athiest sites to have a conversation the other day. There was some playful back and forth like normal.

One open minded scientificly minded blogger decided to come at me with some links and normal scientific talk about there being no proof therefore the Resurrection can’t be real.

When I didn’t respond right away as he is interacting with other bloggers he finished out with this:

“This is part of the problem.  It’s fine believing in something.  Especially if you are truly a good person, but don’t lie about things or believe lies to make your beliefs ‘real.’

There is no evidence.  People having visions, religious experiences does not count.  But if you believe that then you also have to believe the people belonging to different religions who have had experiences with their dieties.”

Where to start,

  1.  The problem he is referring to…

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  1. God is Not Your Lab Rat – The Hebrews (13:16) Life

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