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Fortunately I was young when I had my children.   As we age our patience runs out – our energy wanes – our tolerance is pretty much dead – and our thoughts can’t keep up with the speed of technology, much less children.

There were times I was ready to throw up my hands and give up.  I often felt guilty- unworthy – unorganized – unqualified – unappreciated – I wept.  I love my children, but there were days when I wanted to run away.

We expect motherhood to be the most beautiful thing we ever do as women.  We think our children will be well mannered, smart, beautiful and perfect.  We expect every day to be smooth sailing.

There will be dishes in the sink – unmatched socks in the laundry basket – oatmeal on the walls – not enough time in the day to get everything done – times when you think the bathroom is your only sanctuary, until they find your hiding place and join you.

There will be nights when you pace the floor with a colicky child – cool down a fever – remake a bed – wonder why they’re late and what they might be up to.  You may never sleep again.

There are millions of other moms going through the same thing.  Remind yourself why you had a child in the first place.  Think about the end product and maybe that will help you cope with the here and now.

The responsibilities of child rearing are huge.  Add to that a job outside the home, community commitments, church activities, grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, etc., and it all becomes overwhelming.

This is the time to appreciate the little things.  The delight when they  create a house out of a box or make a valentine just for you.  Think about the thank you hugs and the I love you that comes when least expected.  Think of their feeling of accomplishment as they  tie their shoes or show their siblings how to.  The small things become the important when you’re a mom.

Motherhood isn’t for sissies, but it’s the most important job you will ever do.  Start each day praying for them and for yourself.  This is a tough job, but with God’s help you can do it!!


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