Zup Du? Cool Dude Church Movement


Chaplain + Entrepreneur = Chaplapreneur

Have you looked for a church and ran into this?  You are new to the area and you see a church with a church name that can only mean one thing, “We really want to reach our City for Jesus!”  Your family decides it is close to home and maybe based only on a shared desire and by stereotyping the church according to what you think the church is like, you visit.

You pull up to the church.  You see many people who look like you.  You tell your wife “We could be friends with them.”  You pass the children’s room and your child is fascinated with all of the other children laughing and playing.  Things seem good here.

During the service people are laughing and talking to each other.  The music starts.  The music is great.  The prayers really hit home.  The preaching is Biblical.

There is only one…

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  1. This is an interesting post! I need a bit of intimacy, a sense of family, definitely relationships more led by the Holy Spirit, rather than formulas or methods. There must be some authenticity too, some genuine fruit of the Spirit going on. I’ve walked into churches where no one will speak to you or even look at you. That’s a bit creepy.

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