For a Single Purpose part 7, Gideon, Reliance on God for the impossible

Hello people!

I hope all is well and have had a wonderful start to the new year 2016. I have been quite busy, which is why I have not posted anything in a while, but that does not mean I’m going to stop. In today’s post, we will look at the life of Gideon, who is found in the book of Judges, chapter 7.

Above. Gideon III. (2013). 28″ by 44″ Collage on plyboard. For a Single Purpose series. Thru His vessel JB.

Gideon was one of the first judges of Israel and was the most renowned. He was surprised of all of the people in Israel, he was chosen by God to get Israel on the right track and conquering all of their surrounding enemies. To sum this story, God and Gideon as a willing vessel, was able to defeat an army with more than 10,000 soldiers with only 300 men. This is only to show the power of God and that we should not rely on our strength because it is due to fail, according to Psalms 73:26.

As a single in Christ, I’ve come to conclusion that I cannot do things alone in this life, it’s impossible! But alas, nothing is too hard for God! Like Gideon, we all have our doubts regarding how things are going to work out.  But we have to reminded that we as the body of Christ, are not the people of the world, or the system of this world, but live in the Kingdom of God through our faith.  We are actually better off than Gideon, who did not have the power of the Holy Spirit in him like us as believers.  God was outside of him, but it was his faith and learning to trust in God, got him through the battle victoriously.

As living in the kingdom of God, we should utilize this time as singles to build our trust and reliance on God. Gideon was a single young man and from there learned to build his trust in God, so should we. In fact, it states in Matthew 6:25-33, that as believers, we must not worry how are we going to get things like the world does, but we should seek it from Him. I mean, God knows the desires of your heart and the needs you have before you even realize it, so why don’t we ask Him and thank Him, because He is God!!! It’s funny how something so simple have gotten so complicated throughout the ages. Yet the Lord is the same, yesterday and forever, (Hebrews 13:8) so that makes Him all the reliable that we can build our trust and depend on Him.

Thank you for reading. Let’s keep trusting and taking God’s Word as true!


For the love of art and God


Thru His vessel JB


Thru His vessel JB is a visual artist who makes art for the glory of God. Currently she is working on a new project that makes your testimonies a work of art for the glory of God which launches March 2016.



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