Originally posted on on 2/5/15 by Kathy Boecher

When I think I can’t go another mile – when I’m exhausted and worn out from fighting the battles of life – when the days grow shorter and there isn’t enough time to get things that need to be done accomplished – there comes an inner energy that helps me go on.

Time ravages us.  It takes away the elasticity from our skin.  Our flesh becomes thinner causing bruising to become more apparent and wrinkles to appear.  We sag in places that we never did before and our spirit can easily begin to falter.  That’s a time in life when we need to re-energize.  We need to let the aging process go on, but never let our spirit die.  This is  a point in life when we can do the most for others.

Time may be passing, but there’s still work to do.  We could take the easy way out and rest on past successes, but there are those who are crying out for our knowledge – our lessons learned – our experience.

Allowing Jesus to work through these tired old bodies, permits amazing things to be accomplished.  A young child can learn some of the most important values of life.  A teenager can discover his potential – a young mom or dad can learn from the experiences you’ve gone through as a parent – a business man or woman can obtain success through the lessons you learned in your working life – an aging friend who is facing a serious illness can gain strength through the Savior you have to share with them.

Our flesh grows weary as time goes by, but our spirit should never give up.  These can truly be the golden years if we allow God to work through us and the persistence He has placed within each of us.


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  1. My spirit grows stronger with each passing year!

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