Gym Wildlife – A hilarious BDC Documentary


There is a tiny bit of language that some readers may find offensive but, if you’ve spent much time in a gym, I think you’ll appreciate how accurately gym goers of all types are portrayed in this video.

YouTube channel, Buff Dudes, put together a video that any gym-goer can appreciate, as it treats your common gym attendees as if they were wild animals.

Instead of the BBC, fans are treated to a documentary from the BDC, presented in the same breathy analysis as any classic animal documentary.

The video examines each gym member as predator and prey, and focuses on the different species that inhabit gyms across the world.


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  1. Omg, that was hilarious! Kinda true too…;0

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  2. Benchpressing “for America”! Made me laugh.

    But I suddenly worry about which of those people I am. I worry I’m the sexuality-flaunting female.

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  3. Wow -Its clear I posted that last comment from my phone since every other word is spelled sorry about that…that danged old adhd again, Could not wait until home to post…haha


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