Originally posted on atimetoshare.me by Kathy Boecher 1/30/15


A lump of clay – no life – unanimated – uninspired,

Left to the hands of the Potter.

He pushes and prods with the strength of His hands.

He manipulates with the tenderness of His fingers

And creates something recognizable.

He chisels details – two eyes, a nose, a mouth.

A human form, with flesh and blood.

He breathes life into newly formed nostrils with His own exhalatiion,

Then He sets it aside – letting His handiwork rest for a while.

Alone – no life – unanimated – uninspired.

The creation is led by its own desires and passions.

It wanders aimlessly through its unknown existence.

Without the Creator, it cannot think clearly. Its mind is controlled by its form.

Crashing , tumbling, falling deeper into a pit of nothingness – alone and out of control.

Because it has not yet been exposed to the Light.

The Potter searches for His creation – never stopping until it is found.

He takes it into His loving hands.   He brings it closer to the Light.

He refines – turns – remolds – inspires.  He erases the blemishes,

Polishes and finishes.

This time the Creation experiences the Light. It feels the warmth of it. It bends at the touch.

Through the Potter’s loving touch the clay has now experienced real life.



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