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I’ve had a number of people come into my life who had a profound effect on me.  There’s probably someone you can remember who had that kind of impact on your life.  Maybe it was your parents, a special friend, a teacher – but that person found something within you that you didn’t know existed and helped you discover it.

There are moments when we need to be alone to sort through the details.  We need some space to make important decisions – we feel we don’t need advice or assistance from anyone.  That’s OK, but still we can’t really make it through this life with any semblance of sanity if we are completely alone.

When the car won’t start, we go to a mechanic.  When the shower doesn’t work, we call a plumber.  When our life is falling apart – when we’ve tried everything to stretch that last dollar – when the kids need braces – when you need a transplant – when your depression has a fast hold on you – when you can’t get organized – when you’re lonely, helpless or lost you need more than a professional to patch the emotional scars for you.

Our God is not only a great healer, He’s an advisor, counselor, confidante, trusted friend, psychiatrist, encourager, inspirer, redeemer and savior.  His impact on our state of mind can move mountains.  His force is beyond our comprehension.  His love like nothing we’ve experienced in any other relationship.

He’s the One whose footprints we should follow.  By doing so, we are placing ours right next to His and we are also leaving footprints for others.  Following Jesus, will show us the path to heaven and give us what we need to encourage those around us.  Time to stick our feet in the sand and move!


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