Most days we hope that things might go better than the day before.  When you’ve had a string of difficulties, you soon become disheartened.  When days turn into weeks,  months and years your disappointment can turn into bitterness and you eventually don’t even try anymore.

God doesn’t want us to get discouraged.  He wants us to turn to Him in these troubling times.  He wants us to learn – to grow and to flourish.  The little twists and turns on our way to eternity are nothing in comparison to the suffering His Son endured on His walk to Calvary.  He certainly didn’t have to do any of that.  He’s God!  He could have wiped away our sin like you erase a mistake in your writing.  He’s God!!  He can do anything.

Instead He chose to come to us – to be one of us – to live through the same difficulties we face – to be rejected by His peers – to teach, do miracles, show His power, to heal the broken hearted and restore life in more ways than one.

Golgotha was just outside the city limits of Jerusalem, but Jesus’ walk to His death carried more than the weight of the cross.  He carried the sin of the world upon His bloodied back.  The indignation He suffered on our behalf was so that our road would be made clear;  that the minor disturbances of this life would be easier – that we no longer would fear death.

We cannot dwell in the sins of our past if we are ever to move forward.  We must look to the end of the road – beyond our iniquities, our foolishness, our inadequacy – and into the face of our Savior.  He makes every road straight and clears the path to heaven for us, because HE IS GOD!


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  1. I like the words on the photo: ‘in the midst of the storm’ Let’s all notice what each declaration starts with: ‘He is…’ He that comes to God must believe that He is!! Amen Great blog.

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