When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher.  It was a noble profession.  I could be responsible for directing kids in a positive way – give them things to think about and dissect – be a role model for them.  I never had the means to go that direction, but over the years I’ve accomplished the job through parenting my own kids and instructing and encouraging countless children through drama.

Today, teachers are faced with issues that never seemed to be a problem 60 years ago.  They’re threatened by parents who think their children can do no wrong. They face a room full of belligerent, “me” oriented, rage filled children, that would much rather be playing video games than learning.   They’ve been refused the right to discipline.  In some cases their hands are tied and when they do discipline, they’re accused of hurting the child’s feelings.  What’s a 125 pound teacher to do when a 300 pound student could easily overcome her? Teachers also struggle with the possibility of some insane gunman entering the premises  They face danger on a daily basis.

What once was an honorable profession is now becoming a job no one wants.  More and more parents are turning to home schooling or educating on the internet.  Unfortunately if that occurs, much will be lost.  Think about a teacher who had a profound effect on your life.  Maybe one word of encouragement led to your self confidence or a caring teacher was the only motivator in your life.  Maybe they sincerely believed you could be more than you ever dreamed.

Teachers aren’t babysitters.  They’re caring individuals who truly want your children to succeed.  Teach your children to respect all those in authority – especially those who have as much desire for your child’s success as you do.



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  1. I think you nailed it Kathy. I know more than a few people who have given up on teaching because of the problems you mentioned.

    Unfortunately I believe the education system in America was designed to end up like it has.

    God bless,


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    • I think another unfortunate thing is that parents are so busy earning a living or amassing fortunes, that they are turning the responsibility for instilling good values in the minds of their children. It starts at home. Thanks, James.

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  2. Going to send this to my youngest who just gave up her 12+ years of teaching to go into any other career. You nailed the current state of the education system.

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