There are a few sites on the internet that deal with unusual celebrations and holidays.  Today there happen to be four of them.  Irish coffee sounds wonderful on a cold winter day as snow piles up in front of your window in mounds.  Grab a good book and it spells perfection.  Did you know that January 25 is dedicated to Irish coffee?

Opposite Day is also celebrated today.  Not sure how that came about.  So does that mean we do everything the opposite of what’s expected to throw others off or is it simply a day to confuse all of us?

Somewhere in the world today, someone is celebrating Bubble Wrap Day.  Undoubtedly they work at UPS or Amazon.  Maybe they enjoy the sound it makes when you step on it.  Who knew they would dedicate a day to such a thing?

Maybe you’re just tired of the mundane day to day of winter.  The world has closed in on you and you simply want to escape to a room of your own.  You’re in luck!  Today has been established as Room of One’s Own Day.

So if you really want to live it up this Monday, grab a cup of Irish coffee and instead of getting out of bed and going to work, do something completely opposite of the norm – go to a room of your own and pop some bubble wrap.

Have a blessed Monday!






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  1. Honestly, if I could fit a fridge, microwave and toilet in my bedroom, it could be a one-room apartment. I’ve got a TV, laptop, Djembe drum, two guitar amps, three guitars, a ukulele, a violin, a hat collection, a crystal figure collection, and many books in here… And a twin sized bed. It is, in fact, a bedroom. So I think I got at least one weird day covered.

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