Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – resources for discerning this author’s claim

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  1. I haven’t read it, haven’t heard of it, so I am completely in the dark here, but one thing I do wish to say, how come so many Christians are often looking for hidden evidence of the occult and assorted heresies? Sometimes it makes me feel so out of touch, because I live in the midst of outright satanism, broken churches, and this huge meth and heroin problem. I mean, does it look to anyone as if the enemy has snuck in on the down low and infiltrated a devotional? It doesn’t seem like that to me, it looks more as if he has marched down main street while we’ve all been looking elsewhere.


    • There are those who are looking for heresy under every rock. I’m not one of those. But when it sneaks in and you recognize it, it needs to be exposed. If we know our Bibles we can more readily recognize it and it’s not that hard.


  2. Thanks for sharing this; I pray God would direct the right people to this post


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