If the Bible isn’t the Word of God, what are we to trust as if it is?

That’s a hypothetical question and it’s a serious question, at least for me. That’s it. I could write a small volume about all the reasoning that underlies the question, but my reasoning might not be someone else’s. 


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  1. To the question, I might have worded it differently. I could have asked “If the Bible isn’t the Word of God, what’s left that IS?

    If it isn’t, we either still have access to the very Word of God or we do not.

    And if anything written by men cannot be God’s direct word to us because imperfect and error prone men wrote it, we are left with direct communication with God as the only alternative. So let’s assume we can all subscribe to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to God.

    The VPN is online and God speaks! I hear him with my mind and my heart! But I also know that I still have an imperfect mind and imperfect heart, both prone to error and sin. How can I be sure that what I ‘hear’ IS pure God and not mixed up with my imperfect mind and heart?

    Those who advocate spiritual formation and contemplative prayer tell us that we start by sitting alone with God, conversing with him and listening for his answers. We also try and empty our minds of that which could be distracting. Eventually we can ‘learn’ what God’s voice sounds like and be sure when it is God speaking and not some other ‘voice’.

    Here’s where I run into a possible problem with this paradigm. Where is sitting in the silence listening for the voice of God taught in scripture? We are taught to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, which certainly involves on reading and studying, learning, memorizing, and meditating on God’s word, but I have not found anywhere the notion that we are to empty our heads and just listen. Where I have heard of intentionally becoming ’empty headed’ is in Eastern mysticism, which I have actually practiced,

    There are those who tell us that they had this or that ‘revelation’, and seem to be claiming to have perfect ‘listening’ skills. They speak as if their very words are from God’s lips to our ears. If you disagree, you are ‘arguing’. TBN has a host of them. Let’s say that a couple of them have ‘revelations’ or ‘prophecies’ that contradict each other or are not in agreement. Which revelation or prophecy is the right one? Either one is right and the other wrong, or they both are wrong. They can’t both be right. How do we decide?

    Without a reliable standard, it’s all one big free for all. See my problem? Anyway, that’s a bit of the reasoning that got me to the question. thanks for stopping by and reading the musings of an old man.

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