I don’t know why God allows some of us to go on living for so many years and others are taken in an instant. It’s one of those mysteries that simply don’t make sense.  Why do people die in terrible weather incidents, accidents or murderous deeds, while others sit safely in their comfortable homes?  Why are people persecuted and murdered for their faith?  Why, why, why?

I know God has a purpose for everything under heaven. Perhaps the elderly remain to advise, encourage or strengthen those who are going through many of the trials we’ve already endured. Maybe the young die so that their families become stronger through their passing and can witness to God’s compassion even during suffering.  We can never know God’s will, but we can be confident there is a reason for everything.

I know if I try to figure it out, I am also challenging God’s wisdom. He was there when the earth was formed by His hand,  He carved the mountains out of nothing.  He placed the seas and all the living things in it.  He formed man from the dust of the earth and created all life with just a word.  He cradles each child in his loving arms.  He loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us.  He overcame death and is joined in heaven with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Lord, help me today to trust in you. Bring me closer to you through your Word. Prepare my heart and the hearts of all believers, for our final days on earth; so that we may be completely blessed by our future life with you in eternity. “No guilt in life, no fear in death; This is the power of Christ in me. From a life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.”


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  1. Great post! I too would ask these things..I used to believe He punished us instead of loving us and that’s why we went through the things we did…but I came to find out..or I believe that He does these things so we can seek Him out..He tests our faith..some of us who get broken..stay broken because we choose to or we don’t know any better..all the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through..if now see He had a purpose for..of.course not all things were because He allowed it..it was because I chose it..we can choose evil or good, free will..some people blame God for their calamities..when instead they should seek Him out. That’s what I’ve learned.
    Amen and be blessed!!!!

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  2. Hello Ms. Kathy,

    I don’t know nor understand everything about God, and neither does anyone else 🙂

    However, I do not believe it is God who allows people to die before living out their full lives here on earth. Example: a person who sits and plots the murder of another must ignore all the “roadblocks” God has set up [do not kill, love your neighbor, honor & love God, etc.] in order to do what *they want to do.*

    A young person speaking on their cellphone or driving drunk who kills themselves and others likewise must ignored many roadblocks.
    God never makes anyone do or bend to His will… We do what we will… and if we’re Godly and have some knowledge, we ask that His will becomes our will. The will of God can be found in His word.

    Disasters that happen due to nature – In Job, we see that it was the devil that brought the ‘natural disasters’. In the gospels, we see Jesus rebuking the elements. This suggests to me that if it was of God who was responsible for these things then Jesus would have accepted it and do nothing about it.

    In the same manner, the gospels tell us: Jesus of Nazareth went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil. This says a lot. It says that sickness & disease are oppression of the devil; healing is a good thing; most importantly God does not put sickness & disease on people. If He did, then Jesus would be working in direct opposition to God.

    We’re not challenging God’s wisdom by trying to figure things out. He blessed us with a curious mind, to seek, to ask, to reason, to discover. No one can know the depths of God, He’s infinite. To me, that’s an invitation to seek, to explore, and to discover because one can only exhaust themselves in the process, but never the depths of who He IS. That is, we will never reach a point where we know all there is to know. {Hope this makes sense.

    A great weekend to you.

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    • Agreed, and it has been said before, that many of the calamities that humankind goes through have a direct causation to our (or other humans’) personal decisions. I’m sure less happens than we ever expect due to God’s merciful intervention, as you also mentioned here.

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      • Very true. After posting, I began thinking of all that is happening in Syria.
        Just one ex: Starving children/(people) eating grass. Many will die from starvation, sickness/disease, a sniper’s bullet, bomb, you name it.
        This is the year 2016 (there’s no lack of food, medicine, etc. but there’s a great lack of love) so, what progress has mankind made on a heart level… (yes, we’ve advanced technologically, medically, etc.) but in the ways that matter- being a reflection of the Creator, how much progress have we really made.

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  3. I’m thinking that one of the most neglected foundations of answering this question is not adequately investigation the revealed character of God in a holistic way. I know that sounds somewhat heady, but when we see God merely through our painful experience, it’s easy to get an unrealistic picture of who He really is and what He is actually up to.

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  4. Wonderful topic. It’s a question that the church has wrestled with for two thousand years. For example, why does an innocent baby have to die a horrible death? The answer relates to John 9:2-3 which says: “And His disciples asked Him, saying, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ Jesus answered, ‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.’” In this case, however, it was never about the baby but rather about the parents who needed to learn something through the tragic loss of their baby. Thoughts?

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