Where’s the evidence for God?


Ever been talking with an unbeliever and they ask you for evidence of God?  Ever been a little set off on how to answer.  Let’s see if I can help you…

Evidence for God is literally everywhere you look.  The argument is not over the evidence, it is over the interpretation of the evidence – which will differ with each worldview.  From an atheistic perspective – naturalism and uniformitarianism are governing assumptions.  Basically this is the belief that the way we observe things happening today is the way they always have.  A Christian should have very different perspectives – namely supernaturalism (miraculous intervention) and catastrophism (several events from Genesis that would have shaped our world very rapidly rather than slowly and uniformly).

So again, the argument is not over which side has more or less evidence – it is over what criteria we are using to interpret the same evidence.  The evidence itself is simply the world we live in, the universe we are a part of, and the human experience we share.  Don’t get caught up in trying to out-evidence the other side.  You will have missed the point and no matter the debate, you will get back to your worldview assumptions.

Always remember to love and present truth gracefully, but try not to copy what too many Christians do and simply say “I don’t need evidence, I have faith”.  Faith is not the opposite of evidence.  You have faith that your interpretation of the evidence is correct.  Feel free to point out that they also have the same faith in their interpretations.  My hope is this can make the playing field a little more level.

Tim is a guest blogger from GRACE WITH SALT.


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  1. I´m a Christian, and for me it all comes down to faith. Either you believe or you don´t. And those who don´t you can argue all day long until your face turns blue that it won´t make sense to them. It comes down to faith, and believing. I don´t need evidence like a detective.

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    • Inevitably it does come down to faith…. for us and them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have evidence to back up our faith. Blind faith is a very easily demolished worldview – and the reason we are losing the next generation so quickly.

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      • Maybe we are loosing the next generation, but you can´t convince anybody through arguments and evidence if they don´t have faith. Believe me I have tried, it just doesn´t work.
        I´m what you in America call a “new born Christian” ( I think I got that phrase correct) and I can´t explain it but it was just one day that it suddenly all made sense to me, and a deep believe in HIM. I read the bible not much really, probably should read more yet again I have to choose my time since there´s a lot I want to do in a day, but slowy I read the bible and even posts in wordpress as you can see.
        But to the point, it´s near to imposible to convince somebody that doesnt believe to believe with whatever facts you present them. My family is Catholic in name, I never went to church with them, nor we talk about God. I wasn´t raised at all Catholic. It just came to me unexpected. HIS hand I guess.

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        • You make a good point here. Someone must be led into belief by the Holy Spirit.

          I think this post was written mostly to counter the narrative that Christians simply believe without evidence which is absolutely not true.

          Christians can be unaware or unconcerned with the evidence, which is fine.

          But to say there isn’t any is not a statement of fact as much as it is a way to make non-believers seem more intelligent.

          Hope this makes sense.

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          • Sure it makes sense, for me that is. For me there is evidence, but that is for me. we are in the same boat here. But we can be talking about religion, science, politics, whatever it is and if that person is so inclined towards his or her believes they will not reason as much as you can give evidence or not, they will stay with their believes. I long time, not so long really I just keep it to myself, not even to my family to I speak about God and religion, but it sure gives me hope, strenght, (even more) a way to think about the world in a more positive way, and I can go on forrrrrrrrever. But that is me, and you I guess, but I do understand the other position, that as much as I want to tell them ” Hey, I think He got me in this path for…..” they would look at me as I´m crazy, (wich I am, but not totally) so I just keep it to myself and to HIM. I don´t have to prove to anybody what I believe in nor even have a dialogue about it. It is between me and HIM. That´s more than enough. And too gratefull also. On the day to day basis, I keep being me, trying to do this thing or that thing different and better or I screw up somedays, just being human with faith. And I could care less what the others might think or say about what I believe, I do hold a very but very strong believe that HE does want me on this earth ,I should have died at the most by age 25, and then later on even more close calls in the civilian world, so how in the world did I make it this far, wich far for me is being 33.
            I know I have a purpose, HE has given me that purpose in my life, as to doing what specifically I don´t really know. So we shall see.


  2. Excellent Tim. If people are willing to be honest, they’ll find that Christianity is overall more consistent with evidence and logic than any other worldview.


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  3. I would say also absence of evidence is not evidence for absence. Any forensic criminal scientist can tell you that. For example, just because there is no forensic evidence of John killing his wife does not mean John did not kill his wife. You simply have to withhold judgment. One cannot be logically conclude on the basis of no evidence for God means there is no God.

    Great post! Love your stuff!

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  4. Man. I don’t understand atheism. I don’t think there such a thing. I think that they are either very angry, indifferent or just think they’re smarter than God. Ok smart guy, until you make your own universe, make air for us to breathe in, drink a substance that we need in our bodies, you really got nothing to say. I don’t have time to argue with such people. Let Holy Spirit take care of that .

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  5. In the books, Right Use of Will series by Ceanne Derohan, God asks us not to tell anyone about His books. I think it is because so many people are not ready for what He has to say. If I am disobeying God, I may have to suffer, but that would include everyone who talks about these books, so I hope you are prepared to disobey also.



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