If You Can’t Preach it Everywhere, Don’t Preach it Anywhere

I don’t remember where or from whom I first heard that, but it makes a lot of sense. I don’t mean in terms of speaking hard truth that might upset folks who think we mustn’t heart anyone’s feelings, I mean it in terms of the content of our message. How many sermon’s these days seem to be about finding our ‘special purpose’, or ‘dream destiny’ with all its material blessings? How many sound like the Apostle Paul, who preached Christ and Him crucified for our sins? Try preaching about special purposes and dream destinies in the Sudan, Middle East, or China, to name just a few places where it’s tough to be a Christian.

Besides, I think the main purpose God has for each and every one of us has already been given to us. It’s something about sharing the good news of Christ with a dying and lost world and making disciples. I still haven’t found ‘find your purpose’ or ‘reach your dream destiny’ anywhere in the Bible. Have you?


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  1. Huh? What? Dan, you are popping my bubble here. You mean all this isn’t so I can get all the things I want, get rich, and be the pinnacle of health?

    Darn, sad now.


    You might like this post. It was the very first blog post I ever wrote.


    Have a great day

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  2. I really like this post. Life is what happens to us when we’re off searching for our purpose and destiny. If you don’t look up now and then and pay attention, you’ll miss the whole story.

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  3. Excellent. This is a good rule of thumb to see if it’s the Gospel that’s good news to all people, or is it a tickling of the ear for a certain demographic.



  1. If You Can’t Preach it Everywhere, Don’t Preach it Anywhere – The Hebrews (13:16) Life

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