I wasn’t interested in history as a child.  I should’ve been.  I had one of the most dramatic history teachers ever.  He would actually rise up on his desk and relive every battle of the Civil War right before our eyes.  I sat in the front row and he should’ve handed out towels before each class.  I was the recipient of many showers.

As time goes by and my old mind has a history of its own, I find the subject to be much more interesting than I did then.  History is said to repeat itself and that we should learn from the mistakes of our ancestors.  I guess that’s true, but it doesn’t always seem to be the case.  The same things go on and on and on as the did in ancient times.  God’s chosen people, Israel had one common flaw – they continuously turned to the gods of their captors and away from the only true God.  It didn’t seem to sink in.

We are much like this in our country.  We make the same mistakes over and over and don’t learn from them.  We put our faith in transitory things – in temporary fixes – in people who make amazing promises – in property, prestige and power – in anything, but the one true God.

We must return to history – HIS STORY – for examples on how to live.  God has a plan for each of us.  It was designed and mapped out before our birth.  We don’t need to look back, because He has us in the palm of His hand.

JOB 8:8-10 “For inquire, please, of bygone ages,
    and consider what the fathers have searched out.
  For we are but of yesterday and know nothing,
    for our days on earth are a shadow.
   Will they not teach you and tell you
    and utter words out of their understanding?”


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