I wrote this before I had my blog, but it seems necessary to do so again.  I don’t usually rant too much about  such things, but once in a while I feel we all need to be reminded what an upside down world we live in.  Gun control will not change the mind of a criminal.  What we need to do as a nation is to remember our basic human principles, beginning with respect for human life.  Once we do that, many of the existing problems in society today can be overcome.  God will always be there for the penitent sinner.  Government should be there to govern, not control.  Once that happens, we are no longer a democracy.  (Kathy Boecher,

Posted on 1-18-2013 on Facebook

The recent mass shootings in our nation have caused our government to look at ways of preventing them by putting more restrictions on the common people. I agree that we must get guns out of the hands of those who commit such meaningless crimes, but I don’t believe that gun control would do that.

My personal feeling is that respect for life needs to be reinforced in our general population. Our country is saturated with a lack of respect for life in the continuing abortion debates. We see it in “end of life” situations. Consequences for committing crimes are lax and often the criminal is allowed back into society where he can again commit the same crime. It’s all over our TV series – with gory, insidious crimes occurring before children’s eyes every day.

There need to be severe consequences and we need to start showing future generations that we venerate life. That is not the requirement of the government. It begins in the home where it should be proclaimed to our children and then continued throughout the entire learning process and beyond. It has taken decades for us to become a nation of immorality and it’s going to take time for us to return to our “old” ways, but it can be done.


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