When I was in sales I heard something that really stuck in my measly little mind.

“The hardest door to open is your own.”

So often we hide in the security of our own safety net and never venture beyond it. We are stifled by insecurity, fear and a lack of self confidence. Even our churches are guilty of this and this can be a huge stumbling block.  As soon as the community becomes so tightly closed, we can’t seem to move out and open other doors.

We almost become cloistered when we don’t go outside of our comfort zone.  However, if we don’t open our doors, we can never welcome anyone in.

As the years go by I have learned that it really isn’t about me. What I can do for someone else is far more beneficial and it always comes back to bless me . I’ve also come to realize that I’m not alone when I face into something unknown, especially evangelism. God is with us in everything we do and if we let Him, He will bless us more than we can even imagine.

Oh, Almighty God, with you my path will never be unsure. You tend me like a shepherd – keeping me focused on the right path – helping me overcome obstacles – breaking me only to reshape me – caring for my bruised body and lifting me out of danger and guiding me to a safe place.  I praise you for presence in my life. Amen!


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  1. There’s nothing more deadly for a church than to be stuck in navel gazing… Holiness is important but when there’s no outward focus, it turns into nit-picking and often ends with, “We holy four and no more.”

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    • This is my prayer too. We need to dig deep to find it, but it is there. It’s really up to our next generation to find it and not become apathetic to it. I also agree that the media has played an important part in the bigotry and anger that is enveloping our nation. It seems to feed so much on the negative.

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    • I love your reference to navel gazing. I am fortunate to be part of a very active church that reaches out to the community instead of cloistering like so many do today. We need to remember though to stick to the teachings of our teacher, Jesus. Thanks for your comment!

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