I have lived far from a perfect life. There have been major stumbles along the way. God knows all my imperfections and He still loves me. When things don’t go the way I want them to, when I do things I know I shouldn’t do, when I stray from the Word and when I blatantly forget what I know to be right, I am in fact spitting on my Savior, just like the raging crowd did as He trudged to the cross.

We all have something to hide from others – something we’re embarrassed about, ashamed of or something that shows our weakness – especially when we’ve done a pretty good job hiding it from them.  We may be able to pull the wool over their eyes, but  God, our maker, knows exactly what’s going on in our hearts and heads.  He knows everything about us and in spite of it, He continues to put up with us because of His great love for us.

Lord, you’re always there for me, even when I don’t appreciate it. Encourage me as I walk in a dark world that seems doomed to follow the evil one. Let your light shine brightly in this bleak existence of ours. Remind me of your presence in my life and your perfect, unending forgiveness of my imperfections.  In the name of my Redeemer and Savior I pray.  Amen!


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