There is no way that darkness can envelope light completely.  Sure it can move in and start to consume what light is there, but there will always remain a tiny spark.  On the other hand, when light is inserted into darkness, the darkness disappears entirely.

When Jesus referred to Himself as the Light of the World, He wasn’t just speaking metaphorically.  His words spoke volumes about who He is.  He came into a world filled with darkness and continues to consume that murkiness through His Holy Word.

When the ugliness of this world overtakes us – when we face difficult times that draw us into the blackness of hopelessness – when our hearts become tarnished with the evil of this world – when we succumb to depression – all the light seems to be sapped out of us.  Still a small glimmer within the recesses of our souls cannot be snuffed out unless we have so hardened our hearts against it.

Let that light grow again.  Return to the Lord, who is the source of all light.  Let His light shine in you in all that you do.  Light will always trump darkness.  It already has!


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  1. That’s all it took for me..one little, tiny glimpse of light in the dark that caught my attention..I turned and moved toward it..and here I am..with His light and love..the darkness is gone. 😊

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  2. This is a little off subject, but doctors have known for years that “Light Therapy” does have a healing affect. I remember when I was in the Navy on a Destroyer, I would get greatly depressed due to no natural light coming in. Before I understood its affects, I would find myself staring at one particular light that reminded me of the sun.

    Now, when I feel myself becoming depressed, I turn to the Son, the giver of light…and also walk outside to be in the natural sun. 🙂

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