Anything in life that has value requires work, unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but even then the hunger for more continues to burn.

Everyone knows that unless you win the Powerball Lottery or some windfall comes your way from a long lost relative, your chances of getting something for nothing are pretty bleak.  Still the thought of not having to worry about a single material thing is very appealing.

If you were told that you’d receive the most valuable thing available and it wouldn’t cost one red cent, how would you react? I think most of us would be jumping for joy. The truth is everyone on this planet has access to it. We don’t have to work for it. We don’t have to pay for it. We don’t have to do a thing to gain it, except trust that it exists and it’s ours for the taking. Along with that gift, we’ve gained an eternal inheritance.

When you’re brought out of a life of darkness – a place that looks like a bottomless pit – a hole that sucks you further and further down – that’s the time to reach out your hand and grab the one thing that will bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

The hardest and easiest part comes in the believing.  Most people think there has to be a catch to a gift like this.  There’s never a free ride – we have to do something to earn it, but we’re promised by God Himself that it’s already been paid for by Him.  It’s His gift to us.  I’d say that’s a whole lot better than winning the lottery.

Once you acknowledge this truth, you’ll be filled with His Spirit and able to share that great news with others.  That’s what I call being a real winner.



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