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Adam had it all. He lived in paradise, had a beautiful wife, an abundance of food and other creature comforts. Life was perfect. What more could he ask for? To top it all off, he was created in God’s own image.

Isn’t it strange that when we think we have all we need, we always want more? The same thing was true for the first inhabitants of the earth. The devil, slithering snake that he is, can easily take God’s own words and twist them for his own benefit. Saying that God wouldn’t allow them to die if they ate from the forbidden tree, was the hook that got Eve’s attention. Saying that their eyes would be opened and they would be like God, are the words that reeled both Eve and Adam in.

It’s so easy to sit back in judgment and say, how could they be so stupid? We do the same thing, every time we think we know better than God and try to do things our way. We do it every time we doubt His plan for us – deny His existence, think we can handle everything ourselves, or put ourselves before Him.

Help us, Lord, to know that when you created humanity, they were perfect. We will be that way again, not by what we do in this life, but what you continually do for us through your own flesh and blood, Jesus, Christ. You provided a way out of our miserable existence. Thank you for giving us the promise of forgiveness and for even building the faith of that truth in through your Holy Spirit.  Amen!


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  1. This makes me think of how many times people act out in sin when it is the most irrational thing they could have done.

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  2. Adam story lays foundation for the need for Christ for redemption which is a reconnection with the garden.

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  3. Thank you!


  4. Thanks for linking to my post!



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