100 books every man should read


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to do a little more reading in 2016, here is a pretty good, although I would put the Bible at number one, list of books you probably should have read by now.


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  1. Great post. Is our current society more like Huxley’s Brave New World or more like Orwell’s 1984?
    And the answer is (drumroll…….) YES !

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  2. Good list, although I still have some work to do on it! I won’t be around much for say ..the next 10 years LOL.

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  3. Do you know about the relationship between the Huxley family and the Darwin’s? It’s one of those ‘truth stranger than fiction’ in little known facts in history. It is a true tale of genuine ‘evolution’.

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  4. I got about half of those… and a lot of work to do.
    I might add King Lear to the list, and maybe the Summa Theologica for the very patient.

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  5. Heading over to check out that list

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