Does Your Church Have Grit?

Chaplain + Entrepreneur = Chaplapreneur

I have come to believe that much of the New Teatament is misunderstood by the western world due to our lack of a reference point to the persecution going on at the time.  Christians who have faced persecution think about the Bible differently.  For example when American Christians talk about a rapture where God rescues His church to protect them before life gets bad on planet earth, believers in say persecuted China, the Sudan or Iran scratch there head and are stunned.  They think we have been able to endure hardship all this time by understanding books like Revelation and Hebrews through the context of a persecuted Roman Empire.  They may think something like “Stop making the message so complicated.  The message is Jesus conquered through sacrifice therefore go and do likewise.”

The book of Hebrews is the same.  In the first century a preacher wrote a sermon that was…

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  1. I believe you’re right about this, because the world was different when these pages were written, but isn’t it amazing how they are still effective to what is happening I our world today. In times of persecution, God continues to spread His Good News to those who need to hear it. There is always opportunity – even in the darkest of times. Great observations.

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