god-loves-meSome people look at God as an almighty puppet master who controls their every move.  The ancient Greeks had  gods that were just that way. There was one in charge of the sea, one for wind, one for love and everything that had an affect on human beings.

Fortunately, we only have One God, who has given us a free will and the ability to make our own choices; sometimes good, sometimes not so much. Our God is watching over everything we do however. He’s our protector, our comforter, our instructor, our friend, our leader, our shepherd. He controls the world and all that happens within it.

 When He created man, He made him in His image – different than the animals – with the ability to use minds, reason and hearts.   How reassuring to know that.  We are feeling, thinking, emotional, often foolish and in need of someone to bring consistency out of chaos.

He also loves us more than we can possibly imagine – so much so that He took on human flesh – was born as a baby – experienced all our sorrows, laughter and pain so that He could take our place and carry our burdens to the cross.  That wasn’t the end of His love.  He conquered death when He rose in glory and returned to heaven to prepare a place for His adopted children.  All of this was planned and fulfilled before I existed, because of His great love for me and His entire creation.

I lift my heart in thanksgiving to you, oh Lord, for you are the Creator of all things including me. You knew me before I was born and shaped me during my time in the womb. Let all the world know your goodness and always trust in you.  Amen!


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