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Back in the ’80s, Mac Davis wrote a song called, “Lord, it’s hard to be humble.”  Everyone thought the lyrics were nonsensical, because being humble means putting yourself on the low end of the totem pole.

Being humble in the 21st century is old fashioned.  We’re told to be proud of our accomplishments – to hold our heads high when we do something that isn’t really out of the ordinary.  We should pat ourselves on the back for simply getting out of bed each day.  Our kids are given awards just for participating in an activity.  We receive bonuses at the end of a year for doing our job and nothing more.  We are told to expect honor because we deserve it.

Humility is seen in someone who is willing to put others before himself – to even give up their lives for them – to do it without receiving acclaim.  Jesus left His throne in heaven.  He became a human being – with emotions and feelings, but without sin.  He led a life of poverty.  He was born of an unwed mother – lived in squalor – was rebuked by the church – mocked and spat upon – nailed to a cross as a common criminal – suffered and died – rose from death on the third day.  He did this, not because He had to, but because of His great love for us.

Let’s start this year with hope for change in the ways of this world,  by learning from our Savior.  When He gave His followers the Beatitudes, the first blessing was to those who were poor in spirit.  That doesn’t mean physically poor.  It means those who show true humility.  We need to tear away the pride that covers our hearts and think of others as He thought of us.


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  1. Humility and forgiveness go hand in hand. My experience its very hard its a daily 24/7 deal. Great post.

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  2. Happy new year to you my good friend.

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