Originally posted by Kathy Boecher on 1-1-15

Some of the most popular shows on the tube these days take every day people and put them into  extraordinary situations and focus on the struggles they go through to achieve their goals.  Watching others struggle like us could eventually lose it’s appeal, so a peppering of “beautiful people” is added for dramatic effect.  I guess it’s based on misery likes company.

When I get ready to unwind, the last thing I want to see is a reminder of my own shortcomings.  I know I’ll never run an amazing race.  I wouldn’t be comfortable having my work or life being filmed every minute.  I ‘d hate being on an island with a bunch of selfish people in search of a prize.

To me reality means that we get up each morning with certain goals in mind.  We do our best to accomplish them, but often things get in the way and we fail. We continue to push forward, but when the going gets tough we may give up.  Then we look back at the mistakes we’ve made and vow to do better tomorrow, but tomorrow brings much of the same.  This could be considered pretty mundane, but it doesn’t have to be.

Each day can lead to a prize when we don’t walk alone.  We need someone to inspire us, to encourage, to help us through the mire of this earthly existence.  We need someone who has struggled with every emotion we have.  We need Jesus.

Lord, I pray that you stay with me.  You know the struggles I face.  You rejoice in my successes.  You laugh and cry with me.  You pick me up when I fail and You give me a reason to go on.  Thank you for making my reality REAL.  Amen!


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  1. Oh yes, AND I realize afresh the importance of having my Christian family around me!

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