My year in blogging


I had quite a bit going on this week but I did manage to find the time here and there to write an obligatory look back at some of my favorite posts of 2015.

Thanks for all the clicks (over 185,000) likes and comments this year; each and every one of them is truly appreciated.

Happy New Year everyone! May God richly and abundantly bless you all in 2016.

25 encouraging Bible verses to start your day

It would make sense that this post gets a lot of clicks because it’s sticky and one of the first things readers see when they visit the blog. What I find encouraging however is that readers consistently find the blog because they were searching for encouraging Bible verses to start their day.

Should Christians concern themselves with working out?

In all honesty I think this post was viewed as many times as it was because I bumped it a few times because bumping it was easier than actually following through with my plan to put up at least one fitness related post a week for a year.

Anyway, I have plans to put up a fitness post every week in 2016, we will see how that goes.

Two questions every wife asks that most husbands don’t even hear

I thought this post was lovely and the furthest thing in the world from either offensive or controversial.

The first time it went up it got a lot of weird and unexpected pushback from Christian hyper-skeptics who tend to have problems with almost everything I write.

My Christian testimony – First I didn’t know God, then I didn’t need God, then I hated God…

Not much of an explanation needed, this is the story about how I came to know Christ.

This biker gang leader who used to earn respect the hard way begged God to let him die…But God had other plans

This didn’t get as many clicks here on WP as some of the other posts on this list but it was shared over 125 times on Facebook which is awesome.

My guess is that people love stories about how God saves even those of us who seem beyond redemption.

His life began to spiral out of control and one night he decided to end his life. However, his attempt to shoot himself was in vain for God had a different plan for him. As he tries to pull the trigger, the gun never went off. After spending some time in jail and listening to a pastor speak, his life was eventually saved by Jesus.

10 things men love more than your butt

My way of weighing in on the naked celebrity booty pic that cracked the internet.

Atheist blogger begins 24/7 online crusade to inform every Christian on the internet that he is an obnoxious blowhard

“Since I obviously can’t use sound reason and Iogic to get the nasty trough lickers to willingly reject their Bronze Age dogma then, bugger my giddy aunt, I won’t sleep a wink until the whole lot of ’em realize what a disgusting eruption of hairy lizard droppings I am.”

Not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence!

Is the Bible both true and reliable? Absolutely. In fact, and after 15 years of being a Christian and countless conversations with non-believers, I have found the evidence surrounding the claims of Christianity to be simply overwhelming.

That being said, there many who will go to their graves demanding more evidence.

The great atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say if he found himself standing before God on the judgment day and God asked him, “Why didn’t you believe in me?” Russell replied, “I would say, ‘Not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence!’”

Interesting sentiment from Russell if you think about it for a minute…

How Can I Become A Christian?

One of the blog’s resident atheist trolls (yes, the one who is on a crusade to inform every Christian on the internet that he is an obnoxious blowhard) once linked to this post calling it pornography and, as I recall, sick and twisted.

Proof, I guess, that the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing (1 Corinthians 1:18).


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  1. wow…that’s a mouthful…vw

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  2. I enjoyed reading this ‘year in review’ post… interesting commentary 🙂

    A Blessed, Happy & Prosperous New Year to you & your readers!

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  3. I read your testimony and you sounded like me when my coworker relentlessly invited me every single Friday for an entire year..until I accepted her invitation and was so glad I the past year of 2015..God worked in our lives and changed everything!! Amen and amen!! God bless you!!

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  4. Thanks for blogging and sharing the top posts! 185,000 is a lot!

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