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For many the Christmas season is over – to be packed away for another year – to be forgotten for another 300 or so days and then revived with the buying of more gifts, more parties, more over-indulgence – to extend for a few more days with sales of Christmas items and the use of gift cards.

What will we do with this holiday?  Do we just pack it away with all the other trappings or do we use it as the new beginning it was intended for?

Christmas should never end, for it is just the start of a wonderful life with Jesus.  He was sent to us on that first Christmas Day to bring a special gift from God, the Father.  That gift is our salvation and it is something we don’t deserve and can get no other way than through Him.  It is a gift that never loses value, never should be returned, never taken for granted and one to be re-gifted to those who need it as much as we do.

As the decorations come down and the celebrations wane, let’s hold tightly to this precious gift, but not forget to share it with others.  It can change the world.


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