How many times have we told this to our children?  How many times have we been told to reach out to someone other than ourselves when things are tough?  Life isn’t easy. We face all kinds or trouble from the moment we enter this world.  We come out kicking and screaming and often leave in the same way.

All around us, the world seems to be falling apart.  Within our own little circles, we see friends going through difficulties of all sorts.  Within the confines of our own homes, we may be faced with as much turmoil as we see on the news each day.   Let’s face it.  Things in this world aren’t going to get better, but we can get through them a lot easier if we let go of our fears and trust in the only One who will catch us if we fall.

It may seem that no one cares that Christmas has become a sideshow for merchants – that gifts to each other have overtaken the greatest gift of all – that this season of peace has turned into a race to outdo others in our giving, our receiving and our expectations.

We might think that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket, but still God tells us not to be afraid.  We will never see perfection in this world, but we can get a glimpse of it by reading about God’s eternal love for His people in His Word to us.

Don’t give up – don’t lose faith – don’t be afraid.  God’s angels spoke those words to the shepherds, to Mary and Joseph and God Himself tells us to relax – let go – trust – give in to Him.  He is the only One we can rely on for completeness.   He will never let go of us.


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  1. It is hard to make others understand that Christmas isn’t about receiving but more about giving and not money or presents its about LOVE. If we gave love like we give criticism how different the world would be. People are afraid of not buying the right gift or how much is spent on it. As you said JESUS is all we need. Great post. Merry Christmas

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