Originally posted on December, 2014 by Kathy Boecher


I remember waiting as a child for that big brown paper wrapped box to arrive in the mail from Grandma. It was usually about a week before Christmas.  We knew it was coming.  It did every year. We couldn’t wait to open it.  Inside were lots of little packages wrapped in Christmas paper and bright colored ribbons.  I don’t recall what the gifts included, but no matter what they were, we were so happy to receive them.

In another part of the world – many years ago – three gifts were on their way to the young child, Jesus.  They weren’t carried by UPS or the Postal Service – they made their trek across desert country, rocky terrain and finally appeared at a little house.  They were delivered by men of great wealth, knowledge and social status.

The gifts they brought were full of symbolism.  Gold was presented because of the rarity and value of the precious metal – designed for a king  Frankincense was used in those days by the priests as a fragrant offering to God.  Myrrh was used for anointing.  Both Frankincense and Myrrh were used in the burial process as well – maybe a precursor of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

They were the perfect gifts for Jesus.  Mary  pondered them in her heart not realizing their meaning at that very moment.

When we open our gifts this year, let’s think about the gifts of the Magi and what they meant.  Jesus was a Prophet, a Priest and a King who deserved these monetary gifts.  The gift He gave to us is undeserved, but was given with so much love in spite of our unworthiness.

Thank you, dear Lord, Jesus, for the gift of Your life and for the redemption of mine!!


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  1. Ah, the package from grandma. Full of Italian things : cheeses, sausages, candy and cookies. And a little 25 cent toy for me. The toy was really a nothing little thing but it was from Grandma and I always cherished them.


  2. As I have grown older I find I appreciate the Christmas Presence more than the presents.

    But oh how I recall the greedy delirium of American Christmases as a child.
    Christmas is very different for me now that I am a believer; however I grew up in an atheist household so we did not realize what was missing. It was still wonderful – but incomplete somehow.

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  3. Several years of ago, Pastor Rick Countryman encouraged us to give just three gifts similar to the Wise Men. Although we stopped making a big deal out of gift giving in our family several years ago, his suggestion has some great value. Here is the link to the explanation and some suggestions:



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