In live theater you never know what kind of response you’ll get until it happens and each time it’s performed the audience reaction can be different.

In the drama that has unfolded over these past few weeks of Advent, the characters have been introduced – the stage set – all the important messages  have been expounded upon and now it’s time to present it  to the largest ever.  How will it be received?  Will folks look at it as just another fable?  Will it have any relevance in their own lives?  Will they take it to heart and tell others about it?

The Christmas story has been portrayed in many different ways over the centuries.  I think there are two main reasons it’s had such a long run.  First of all, it’s a true story.  It really happened!  I know this because God inspired men to write about it through His Holy Spirit. Even though Christmas is slowly getting shrouded by commercialism – the plot never changes and it still commands an audience.

Secondly, it’s the greatest love story ever told.  It shows us how much God loves us – how He arranged for our redemption – how He came to us in the flesh and became like us (only perfect) – how He was subjected to humiliation, scorn and died a horrific death – how He conquered death and rose again, just as we will.

Opening night is just a week away.  We’re the audience.  Will we receive it with rave reviews or turn it aside?  Trust me, this is the best ticket in the world.  If you believe by faith, you’ll find that this simple story has an amazing ending!

The curtain is now rising on the greatest story told,

Of how the Son of God would come, by prophets once foretold,

The true and flawless story of God’s love for everyone,

Is wrapped in swaddling clothes and is His own dear, precious Son.

That little boy has saved the world and fill the promised Word.

So clap your hands and sing His praise – a miracle occurred!



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