Originally posted on 12/15/14 by Kathy Boecher

We’re not told how many men came.  We know they carried treasures of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  They were men of science who studied the stars.  They followed the star of Bethlehem which indicated to them that a king had been born.   It took as long as two years to reach their destination.  When they arrived in Jerusalem they went straight to Herod and asked where they could find this new king.

Herod set the next scene into motion by asking for directions to see the child so he could worship Him too.  What this evil man was mulling over in his mind was the elimination of all firstborn sons in Jerusalem who were two years old or less.

When they found the child, they gave gifts fit for a king – gold, frankincense (the suitable sweet smelling sacrifice to lift to God, the Father) and Myrrh which would be used for burial. All symbolic, all significant.

This child, born in poverty, came to the world for the poor shepherds.  Now it’s revealed that He was born for the very rich too.   Jesus doesn’t just exist for one class of people.  He was born to save the entire world.

God isn’t selective in His forgiveness.  It’s available to everyone.  His requirements for obeying His law are far too great for us to handle.  We need a redeemer.   The poor shepherds in the field knew that as well as the wealthy men who brought their precious gifts to Him.  Now, by faith, that gift can be opened by all who ask for it.

The prophet said it plainly. The Son of God would come

To be the perfect sacrifice for each and every one.

The words have been fulfilled. The Lamb of God was slain;

Our sins have all been washed away and we have hope again.

I once in poverty did lay; my heart was full of need.

He came and took my sins away and now I’m rich indeed.

He gave His richest treasure – His one and only Son.



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  1. “God isn’t selective in His forgiveness. It’s available to everyone.”

    Kathy, thanks for that one simple statement. I know some disagree with that, but the Bible clearly teaches the truth of that.

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