Posted by atimetoshare.me on 11/23/14 by Kathy Boecher

You hold my hand my heart goes all a flutter.

Each time in our lives that you continue this simple yet intimate gesture.

I feel safe – loved – comforted by your touch. It is my connection to you.

You are my strength, my peace. Your fingers entwined in mine, the pulsing of your heart – I am wrapped in your love.

At first,when you gave your hand to me I felt a plethora of emotions, all the way from friendship to complete and utter passion.
With each passing decade those feelings have turned to trust, dependency, peace, comfort, lifting up and the simplicity of everlasting love.

As time flees from us and each additional day is a blessing,
I will look in your eyes and never forget our first touch.

If my eyes grow dim and my memory falters,

I pray we will still hold tightly to each other, knowing that together

we will once again feel that comfort in our Father’s hands.šŸ’•šŸ’•

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  1. That’s what I want for Petie and me too.:0)

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  2. No one equal to almighty God Jesus…his love is always true….
    many time i realize his love….Thanks for your nice post…

    Pls say your comments about my blog..



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