War Room study – Week one


Many of you may know that I began a Bible study on the movie, The War Room this week. That being the case, I am going to spend a little bit of time every Friday until the study is over on a post that contains a few thoughts on how the study is going and what I am learning.

The first week didn’t really get into the meat of the study as it was mostly about introductions and asking group members to conduct an honest self-evaluation of our relationships with God.

The self-evaluation wasn’t intended to make the members of the group feel ashamed, but instead to reveal blind spots and to inspire growth.

As the Bible says, we are to test ourselves to see if we are in the faith. “Examine yourselves. Or do you yourselves not recognize that Jesus Christ is in you? – unless, of course, you fail the test.” (2 Cor. 13:5)

It can be very hard for us to evaluate ourselves accurately. When quizzed by others, it is human nature for us to highlight and exaggerate the good and minimize or deny what’s lacking (Read Prov. 21:2; 30:12; 20:6).

The Apostle Paul was a prideful, self-righteous Pharisee, but after he was confronted with Jesus and the glory of God, he later called himself the chief of sinners (see 1 Tim 1:15). Many times our actions are a much better indication of where we are spiritually than our guesses and opinions.

For homework, we were asked to think about and honestly answer the following questions.

1. How diligently do you seek and pursue a closer walk with God each day?

2. How much time and effort do you spend in His Word and prayer each week?

3. Do you make an effort to remember and apply the Word of God after you hear it or do you usually walk away and forget it?

4. How quickly do you obey God when He tells you to do something?

5. When God reveals sin in your life, how quickly do you confess and repent of it?

Whether you have seen the movie or not (you really should) these are questions we should all ask ourselves from time to time to see if/where we need to make any adjustments or perhaps refocus or reprioritize.


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  1. Those are questions that aren’t necessarily pleasant to quantify. Guesses go over much easier than actually sitting down and looking at those things.



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